Jeremy Millar

Head, Radio Strategy and Transformation at Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Sam Zniber has great vision, and the ability to share that vision and take his team with him. He was broad experience gained in several countries, and this means he brings fresh ideas and perspectives to his work. Above all, Sam Zniber has high-belief, he is passionate about broadcasting and digital media and works hard to go the extra distance to position a brand execute a strategy well.

Joe D'Agostin

The Beat 92.5 Montreal Imaging Producer

I have had the pleasure of working under Sam Zniber in both markets of Miami and in Montreal. Sam Zniber has a clear, strategic vision that gets amazing results/ratings. He is hyper focused on dialing in the overall sound and vibe of his stations.

Jeremy White

Radio Jock at The Beat 92.5 Montreal Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Sam Zniber at The Beat 92.5 in Montreal. A man with a vision and a great coach. He just gets it!


Paul Hayes 


I have known Sam Zniber for 15 years since we first worked together in the UK, I have always loved his approach to on-air strategy and sound and he always makes his station sound fresh, upbeat, and exhilarating. No hesitation in recommending Sam Zniber!

Irene Junqueira

RADIO GLOBO Brazil Music Radio Division Managing Director

Sam Zniber is a great and very serious radio professional.

Creative, passionate, with a great expertise in managing people and radio consulting.

He did a important work to BEAT98 in Brazil and work with him has been a pleasure.

Andrew Jeffries

Vice President of Programming at iHeart Radio

Detailed, Creative, Systems, Production Ear, Smart, Fresh - All sum up Sam Zniber.


Peter Waak

President Radio Intelligence

Sam Zniber is one of Europe's best programmers and strategist. I've had the pleasure to be on Sam's team in France, the UK and Australia. In The UK he moved the station from #3 to #1. In Sydney from #6 to #2. In France the growth for national network Fun Radio was more then 35%. Sam's knowledge, passion and will to always become better makes him a winner.

Donna Saker.png

Donna Saker

Radio Host The Beat 92.5 Montreal

I worked with Sam for 2 years in Montreal at COGECO. He was my Program Director. Sam was very good at identifying the talent around him. Sam took his many years of experience in radio from around the world and influenced me greatly as a broadcaster.  Not only did he believe in me as a great radio person he made me a better one. I truly believe you can take things from each leader and Sam taught me how to dig deep as an announcer and bring my show to the next level. He was very in tune with me. I will forever be grateful for my time with Sam, his passion for radio is incredible. We always joked that one day we would work together internationally, and you never know what could happen :) 

Jon Stubley

Clear Channel ARN Australia General Sales Manager

I am delighted to recommend Sam Zniber. Sam is an internationally recognised talent and I was lucky enough to work with Sam during his time as Program Director of MIX106.5FM. Under his direction MIX106.5 FM enjoyed sensational audience rating figures, particularly in the station's core female target. Ultimately this translated into creative client integration and strong advertising revenue figures. Sam Zniber is a dynamic, media executive and is "fantastique" to work with.


Bob Longwell

Clear Channel ARN Australia CEO

I have worked with Sam Zniber first as our Program Director for the "Mix" format in Sydney Australia, and recently on specific radio projects in the U.S.  He knows how to program radio stations extremely well due the depth of his technical knowledge of research, production values, as well as his wonderful intuitive feel for audience needs.

What I have recently discovered is his acute business sense.  He understands that every venture must be monetized, and return a solid R.O.I. toit's stakeholders. It is so rewarding to work with someone who realizes that we are in "Show-Business" and appreciates the value of making both the show, and the business work in harmony to create the best possible outcome.

Arnaud Larsonneur

Lagardere Active Head of Business Development

Insanely efficient are the words that come to mind when I think about Sam Zniber. I had the joy of operating with Sam for three years at Lagardere Media Group, collaborating on numerous major media projects in several different countries. I was especially fascinated by Sam's ability to help our Radio Program Directors, Music Directors and Marketing Directors to growth their audience market share by improving the content, the brand, and the product while having pleasure at work.

Sam Zniber made sure our work travels were never without fun. As a leader, an advisor, a coach, a shareholder, or a content creator Sam earns my highest recommendation.

Eric Stephens

Clear Channel ARN Australia Group Marketing Director 

Sam Zniber is one of a kind. His knowledge of marketing and radio are only surpassed by his ability to lead. His track record speaks for itself, so the insight for anyone who reads this recommendation is more about passion,  life experience and loyalty. If I was going into battle I'd want Sam next to me. Smarts, passion, experience and loyalty - yeah it's pretty much the whole package.

Sam Zniber was more than group programmer, his knowledge of marketing, engagement, research, management and talent inspiration puts him in a whole other category. His expertise in new media and entertainment branding is second to none. With all this said, the other two most important qualities that Sam gives you are instant respect and passion. I could not recommend Sam more.


Nick Button

Group Marketing Director, Bauer City Network at Bauer Media

Sam Zniber brought a welcome dose of fresh thinking to Galaxy during his time there. He manages to combine creativity with an eye for detail when it comes to the execution of the ideas he puts in place. He made a big impact during his time at Galaxy and was much liked and respected by his colleagues on and off-air.

Clive Dickens

Chief Digital Officer - Seven West Media

I first met Sam Zniber when he worked for Chrysalis Radio. I was immediately impressed by his combination of focus on what matters in brand creation. His innovation and management style continued to be high demand as he travelled the radio globe, exporting his talents and driving through a culture of success everywhere he went. Sam Zniber is a strong leader and a champion of 'change' in our disruptive digital world.

George Binios

ProSiebenSat.1 Media Managing Director

Sam Zniber is friendly, and he communicates clearly and completely without bias, attitude, or judgement. Sam Zniber always remains his client advocate and keeps his client's best interests and needs top of mind. I strongly recommend Sam Zniber if you need a good guy to help you with your business. And not only Sam helps you to reach your goals but he will also bring a good vibe in the team. 



NRJ Group CTO 

Sam Zniber knows the precise objectives, et exactly where he wants to go. He has a very knowledge, that is why working with him is so simple because we are talking about the same story.

Ric Camilleri

Clear Channel ARN Australia Group Sales Director

I had the tremendous opportunity of working side by side with Sam Zniber as my Programme Director when I was General Sales Manager at Mix 106.5 FM Sydney. Sam was one of the most passionate and brand protective PD's that I have ever worked with, which over time built our ratings and perception to record levels.

Always supportive of sales and on air clients, I have no hesitation in recommending Sam to any media business owner.

Jackie Furey

Psychotherapist and Radio Host at Clear Channel ARN Australia

Sam Zniber is seriously talented! Sam's passion for his work along with an amazing mind is what makes him stand out from the crowd. He is a wonderful balance of genius & humility in motion. Everyone loves Sam - he gives so much, does so much and is so much. He is generous, principled, dedicated and disciplined.


Priscila Stussi

RADIO GLOBO Group Brazil Research Director

After seeing Sam's amazing results with his radio stations in Australia and in France amongst other countries, we hired him to define the marketing and programming strategy for BEAT98 our CHR station in Rio de Janeiro. 

His approach is very efficient as Beat98 increased its audience market share by 58% in 2 years.

Von Freeman

Director of Experiential Marketing & Sales Initiatives, Entercom Communications.

Sam Zniber is one of the most exceptional media minds I've encountered in my 20 years in the radio & TV business. He has always exhibited a unique understanding of how people use radio and how to reach them quickly. Sam is always the coolest person in the room and extends that coolness to his radio stations. Why? Because Sam is always on the cutting edge of new ideas for our business. If you want your station(s) to go to #1, then Sam Zniber is your man! He's flat out one of the best & brightest in in the media world and I highly recommend him.

Benoit Cassaigne

Senior vice-President at Médiamétrie France

Sam Zniber is one of the best professional guy I have ever met in the field of radio programs and radio management. In addition, he has a very good international radio expertise.


Ande Macpherson

Station Director, XS Manchester
Communicorp UK

Sam Zniber is a creative guy who is great and seeing the big picture and knowing what needs to be done so that the end goal can be achieved. I'm looking forward to doing more work with Sam this year with his new venture. Outside work Sam Zniber is a great guy to have around and is the perfect host.

Jean-Michel Meschin

FUN RADIO France Production Director

Sam Zniber perfectly knows how Research, Marketing and Programming come together. He's a real leader, a talented manager, a success radio story.  

It's always a great pleasure to share and express your creativity with him. Your corporate secret weapon !

Allen Kepler

Broadcast Architecture President

Sam Zniber is truly a man of the world. His experience and vision is really unmatched. Everywhere Sam works, success always follows.

His talent for creating a compelling and winning product is remarkable. If you want to make your radio station great, get Sam on your team!


                                           Vance Phillips

MAGIC 102.7 Miami Morning Show Radio Host

Sam Zniber is one of the most innovative minds I have ever known or been blessed to work with.

He has a natural ability to draw out the best from cients & coworkers, garnering winning results. Sam's creativity and tireless attention to detail helped to propel MAGIC 102.7 / Miami to the highest ratings (in EVERY day part) it has ever achieved.

A true professional, it was both an honor & a pleasure to work alongside Sam. If you want a real ratings boost in a short amount of time, Sam Zniber is your man.

Emmanuel Legrand

US editor for Music Week

Sam Zniber is an all-round executive and manager specializing in the broadcasting and entertainment industries. In addition, he is one of the very few executives to have gained major international experience, by overseeing radio-related projects in such countries as the UK, Australia, Eastern Europe and South Africa. He has an analytical approach to problems and he can also apply creative solutions when required.

Mike Young

Clear Channel ARN Australia Group Producer

What I can say about Sam Zniber is simple. He is a rare breed of media genius. It's rare to find the consistent passion for radio,programming and new media.

It's rare to find the drive to be the best and inspire those he believes in to be the best also. It's rare to find such dedication to the craft. It's rare to find someone who is as inspirational as Sam Zniber. I'm proud to have worked with Sam in Sydney, and also in New York for Virgin Radio France. 


Scott Pritchett

Lincoln Financial Media Miami General Sales Manager

Watching Sam Zniber turn the ratings around and re-engineer MAGIC 102.7 was one of the high points of my entire career. Sam was obsessive where warranted, give-and-take where required, creative always, and raised the standards of everyone he touched. Sam's approach included expert engineering of the processing of the station sound, and his was the best I've heard. The station had a presence that was immediate, yet not tiring to the ear. Sam was the kind of program director a salesperson has to admire: he protected the product vigorously, but would work hard with sales to come up with ideas that not only satisfied our advertisers, but enhanced the on-air product, too. Big fan.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 9.14.43 am.png

Vincent Soulet

Cherie FM Morning Show Producer

It’s exceptional to work with astounding Program Director like Sam.

I had the enjoyment of operating with Sam twice at two radio networks in France as Morning Show Producer and Assistant Program Director.

I was especially fascinated by Sam’s ability to handle even the toughest market situation and find the right strategy. I was also particularly excited about his capacity to coach and train his team.

Sam made sure our team meetings were never without laughs and fun. Anyone would be fortunate to have Sam as a manager, a coach or a consultant.