Strategic Market Research

By using a market strategic study, you define your strategic target with precision, determine your position in the market, fine-tune your content, set your music format, improve your music mix, create your images, and generate a comprehensive and easy-to-implement action plan.

With insights from your strategic market study, you can improve your approach to your target listeners and add a new perspective to your content. 

The world's most prosperous radio stations are continuously researching the relationship between their programming and their target listeners' reactions. With my help, you will find out how to lead the market! My mission is to support you in finding the best strategy for your radio station and assisting you in the process of conducting a strategic market study. We will then produce a complete and easy-to-implement action plan.

With my partners at Radio Intelligence, we will help define what changes you can make to increase your number of listeners - the ways in which you can adjust your programming and content to boost TSL, the time spent listening. The goal is to make incremental modifications that collectively make your programming and marketing significantly more dynamic and profitable.


In America, Australia, Europe, and Africa, I am helping investors, companies, and media venture owners develop and enhance programming, marketing, original production, digital strategy, broadcast operations, and implementation.

I take a holistic approach to all aspects of your media brand implementation to improve listeners' and users' experiences.


Recognize your unique dreams, goals, and vision; maximize the unreached potential to take your life, business, and career to new altitudes; and accomplish astonishing ROI.

For over twenty years, I have supported hundreds of entertainers and media leaders across the U.S., Canada, Australia, England, France, Brazil, and Spain, amongst other countries, in achieving exponential growth.

As a program director in multiple international markets for major media brands, I have had vast experience in cultivating on-air talents and in supporting radio and media group owners, content directors, and CEOs.


I am an active speaker at the National Association of Broadcasters, at RadioDays, and at the Science Po University in Paris. I deliver seminars and presentations on trends and evolutions of radio, media, digital, music, motivation, and modern management.

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