Recognize your unique dreams, goals, and vision; maximize the unreached potential to take your life, business, and career to new altitudes.

My clients are a mix of DJ producers, radio and TV executives, radio and TV hosts, artists, morning show producers, media group CEOs, audio producers, singers, and engineers.

I've started coaching radio and TV personalities in 1994 in France. Since then, I've continued to coach and train radio and TV stars for giant media groups in England, Australia, the US, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and Spain.

Having to coach big radio and TV stars with huge egos is challenging and has been a marvelous coach training.

During those three decades, I have also been sent by my employers, for training at Harvard, UCLA, and Columbia University.

The coaching sessions are conducted either physically in my office in Miami or via Skype, FaceTime, or phone.