Define your strategic target market with precision by using a Market Strategic Study to determine your position in the market, fine-tune your content, set your music format, improve your music mix, create your images, and generate a comprehensive and easy-to-implement Action Plan. Collecting such data requires access to an expert radio market intelligence consultant. A Market Strategic Study is a vital investment for a radio station of any size, as it gives rich insights to gain a competitive edge. Authentic radio market intelligence has an enormous return on investment.


Use team building systems in a fun way to increase the motivation and persistence that you need to accomplish your strategic action plan. It's necessary to promote resilience and to be positive with the team so that you can stay on course when you experience difficulties.


Use the Clifton Strengths Finder assessment to change your company's culture to focus on what your team members do best. When your team members identify their abilities and qualities and cultivate them into strengths, people become more engaged, perform better, and are more productive.


During the hiring process, ensure that your candidate is an accurate fit for your unique radio company culture by using a personality test. Avoid possible difficulties by revealing potential conflicts before you make a hiring decision.


Apply tactical research, such as Auditorium Music and Content Tests, Call Out, and Online Tracking, that helps you super-serve your target listener. The programming and marketing tactics should always be based on the Strategic Market Study to deliver on your promise.